Johnson County Courthouse

Johnson County Courthouse
Johnson County Courthouse

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Academic Sanctions as a Result of Criminal Conduct


One of the many unintended consequences of a criminal charge can be significant sanctions at a client’s high school, college, or university. As my practice is located in Iowa City, I see this most often with clients who attend the University of Iowa. When these clients become charged with criminal offenses such as OWI, Public Intoxication, or Possession of Controlled Substances, a disciplinary process is often triggered that can result in sanctions such as suspension, expulsion, disciplinary probation, cancellation of university housing, or a disciplinary reprimand.  

Given the potentially life altering ramifications of these sanctions, it is sometimes invaluable to have an attorney represent the student throughout the process. For instance, at many academic institutions, the burden of proof in their student judicial procedure is significantly lower than the standard of proof in a criminal courtroom. Consequently, even if the criminal charge ends up being dismissed the student could still be found to have violated university policy and sanctioned. Moreover, at some academic institutions, interim sanctions are imposed pending the outcome of the investigation and ensuing student disciplinary hearing.  Given these difficulties, representation from a diligent and zealous attorney can sometimes be the difference between a client remaining in school and being expelled. 

At Hayes Lorenzen Lawyers, I realize that sometimes the successful resolution of a client’s pending criminal matter is only half of the battle, and that minimizing the disruption in a client’s academic progress is sometimes the client’s primary goal. Because of this, I offer dual representation in both a client’s criminal case and their student judicial procedure proceedings.  


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